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Mercredi, 18 Janvier 2012 10:35

[Clip] Aelpeacha - String Volant

Extract from the album "Aelpéacha - VAL 2 MARNE RIDER II" produced by Studio Delaplage.

Only available on aelpeacha.com.

Production : InDaPROD (http://www.indaprod.com)
Director : Bertrand Touchard
Assistant Director : Robin Scaramella
Photography : Bertrand Touchard / Klein Shark
Production manager : Baptiste Baradat
Make-up : Eva Barzac
Sound : Charles Darnaud

Special Thanks to Claudia Tagbo, MSJ, BeDoubleS, Curly Love, Booty Love, Jodie, Henry, Verginie, Géraldine, Kicket, Sam & Dave.

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Mercredi, 18 Janvier 2012 10:28

[Clip] Aelpeacha - 1X2X3X

If DJ Quik had a French cousin, it would be Aelpéacha! Hailing from Joinville-le-Point (aka "Splifton"), eastern suburbs of Paris, this multi talented artist (rapper/singer/producer) is definitely the key figure from the Gangsta Rap/G-Funk scene in France. "1x 2x 3x" was originally featured on his first nationwide solo release "J'arrive jamais" (December 2004, Studio Delaplage). But when 187 Prod released the 2CD compilation "West Rider 2" in June 2005, the song was added to the tracklisting and chosen as the main single. A music video was shot to promote the compilation and here's the Explicit Version, with a slightly different beat.

Produced by Aelpéacha. Directed by French Cut.

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